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Quick Start Guide

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Create Account

To get started you’ll need an Aroono account. After you have an Aroono account you can create your free website. If you do not have an Aroono account you can create one at the same time as making your website.

I do not have an Aroono account

Go to and create both your user account and website account at the same time.

I do have an Aroono account

Make sure to login to Aroono first. Then go to to create your website account.

Go to your Dashboard

Once logged in to your website, you should navigate to ‘yourwebsitename’ You can get there by typing that into your browser’s address bar. Or you can get there from the Aroono toolbar. On the toolbar, you’ll hover over “My Sites” and select your website from the dropdown menu.

Remove Defaults

The first thing you should do is remove the default things that Aroono makes when you create your site. These are to show you examples of what things look like, but are unnecessary.

Remove Widgets

On the left sidebar hover over “Appearance” and select “Widgets”. On the right side there are rectangular boxes that house widgets. Click each section and drag and drop the widgets out of the box. They will disappear and will no longer be assigned to those sections. Make sure to clean out each section.

Remove Pages and Posts

Now hover over “Pages” on the left sidebar and click “All Pages”. However underneath each of the pages listed and click “Trash”. Do the same thing for “Posts”.

Create Pages

Go back to “All Pages” and click “Add New”. Here you will write a title for the page in the first block and click “Publish”. Back out and do this again for each of your pages. Some common pages are Home and About.

Create Layouts

On the left side bar hoover over “Divi” and click “Theme Builder”. This is where you will create your styled pages.

You’ll see a box titled “Default Website Template”. Click in the middle “Add Global Body” and then choose “Add from Library”. Go through the premade layouts and choose the one you want to use for your website. Select the “Home” option and choose “Use this Layout”.

Now you’ll be back at the main theme builder screen. Click “Add New Template”. Choose “Home Page” on the first tab. Now, repeat the process by finding the same template and choosing home. Click the pencil and edit the template to your liking by changing the words and information on the template.

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